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3.5 sao trên tổng 21 đánh giá
2 Dec 2018 tại 17:34 Bảo giao lúc 19h45 nhưng giao luôn lúc 19h :( chưa ăn ngay nên đồ ăn bị nguội lúc ăn
20 Aug 2017 tại 18:21 yummy dishes.
3 Aug 2017 tại 14:03 Pizza was decent; better than I had initially expected since it's my first pizza order in Vietnam. Carbonara was okay, (but must consider the fact that all spaghetti tends to deteriorate with delivery). The total order was about $9 and we were satisfie
29 Dec 2014 tại 11:07 Hi admin, I used my MasterCard to order and the delivery guy was asking me meal fee, i could tell him i ordered with my MasterCard because he doesn't understand English. Kindly tell them before bringing meals down. Thanks
22 Oct 2014 tại 18:29 didn't arrive.couldn't find the house. don't start a delivery service than
3 Mar 2013 tại 20:27 Delivery was a little late, but my place is hard to find so may not be their fault. As for the pizza though - it's kind of a joke! Expensive & the large is actually what i'd call 'small' anywhere else. The taste is just a bit better than al fresco's (n